Wednesday, August 20, 2008

today i caught something.

the saddest butterfly i've ever seen.


Anonymous said...

i need your autograph - someday it's going to be worth money, money, money. she's amazing.

whitefox said...

aww thank you !!! i will give you one! i have decided to make some journals with some of my images on the cover. and i will autograph them.
and you will get one.
it's my mom by the way!

marissa said...

i really like these shots! i love the emotion in her eyes and face. i agree, you'll be rolling in some dough one of these days!

Nicole said...

I'm glad people like the fact that they love the emotion they see in her eyes and face. Personally, it makes me want to throw up. Not the picture. That's GREAT! The emotion is HELL! You captured it.

whitefox said...

and that was why i did it.