Sunday, August 24, 2008

notebooks for sale.

so i started making these notebooks and they're pretty sweet.  it took a long time to make.  i folded the paper, bound it, painted and decorated it myself.  they are made of cardboard and printing paper with krylon enamel and yes it's an original polaroid.  the other is something i cut out of the transit map from chicago.  they have 99 pages to be exact.
i don't know what to price them for, so i guess they're up for the highest bidder.
contact me at and send me a price and i'll tell you how much it costs for shipping and whatnot.
more to come, and sorry for slacking, ive been busy.


Anonymous said...

these are fantastic - better than i imagined.

some girl said...

sweet! if i were rich, i'd buy one. maybe even two.