Thursday, July 24, 2008

when keeping it real goes right.

so i'm living with this guy named papa lyons.  he keeps it real and he watches the news while reading the newspaper.  i am going to be doing a small series on him, so there will be actual images of him soon.  you must now spend this time preparing yourself for the coming images, so that when they get here, you will be able to keep a straight face, just like him.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

missed you.

wow.  it's been a while eh?  I have some new eye candy for you kids, in snapshot form of a few adventures i have participated in recently.  the summer is well... um summer.  and i'm likin' it so far! i guess i like being in ky for now, chicago was getting pretty crazy, and that really sucks when you're broke.  
but good news, i got my first photo job in ky this summer, and i think it turned out pretty well, so i have some of those to show you kids too.  don't be fooled, they were all shot with natural light.  and yes they all look similar because they are headshots.