Thursday, September 18, 2008

i've been really busy

and then one day i had this thought: what if i made a cardboard backpack?  i have fallen back in love with cardboard, and have also fallen in love with my backpack since i take it everywhere with me.  papa lyons said, 'yeahhh it would be a nice piece of art but that's about it.'  and i said, umm no.  
it's functional so you can keep all your pokemon with you wherever you go.  
this is stage one.  i will be adding a back padding with straps (that are not made of cardboard) and i will also be painting awesome things on it.  stay tuned or else.
oh yeah,  and i got paypal.

1 comment:

Kelsey said...

genius!! but wut if it rains? pokemons mite get wet

have u listened to fleet foxes? watch this